Switzerland International
Film Festival


May 25 - 29, 2020

Due to numerous requests we run the Third Season with live screenings - Especially for filmmakers from around the world!


   Set in the enchanting country of Switzerland International Film Festival for filmmakers. No matter if you have never made a movie before, but have a burning wish to do so, or you have already made hundreds, this is the Festival for you.

   What sort of movies you make, whether you create complex dramas set in medieval times, prefer fast-paced action thrillers or make nothing but western shaky-cam romantic comedies, we want to hear your story and see your vision!

Our sponsor is - Filmmakers Community “FestWood
To join the community, just follow the link: t.me/festwood and install a special application on your smartphone.


Switzerland International Film Festival

How to be a part at SIFF 2020!

All submissions should be made through a secure platform FilmFreeway.

Rules & Terms

There aren't many rules to follow when participating at Switzerland International Film Festival, but the few we have are really important:

Rule number 1: The movie must be one of the following genres:
Short Film
Foreign Film
Drama Film
Documentary Film
Animation Film
Experimental Film
Music Video

Note: We don't mind wether your film is animated or filmed, as long as it is good. Thus, you can submit your animation film as either a short or feature, depending on it's length.

Rule number 2: All non-English films (or other forms of media) must have English subtitles.

- All screenplays must be in English.

- The film production could be from any year.

Rule number 3: The movie must be made by you, and the director/creator/producer needs to have all rights associated with it, including the rights to all audio and the manuscript.

More detailed rules are described on the platform FilmFreeway.

Awards & Prizes

Awards are given in the following categories:
- Best Short Film
- Best Foreign Film
- Best Drama Film
- Best Documentary Film
- Best Animation Film
- Best Experimental Film
- Best Music Video

Screenplay Award categories:
Best Screenplay

Festival Program

The opening of the Festival and Short Film screenings

Foreign Film screenings

Drama and Experimental
Film screenings

Documentary Film screenings

Animation Film and Music Video screenings

Award Winners of the Festival

The venue of the Festival

We are on FilmFreeway: