Award Winners

Congratulations to all the Winners of the Switzerland International Film Festival.

We have long calculated all the ratings, reviews, number of views and average view time all of the films.
As some categories were movies with the same ratings, we decided to choose several winners. We didn't expect to see so many worthy projects. It's a great honor for the Switzerland International Film Festival and for our team. We were happy to organize such a Grand Event.

All Winners will be notified by email (18.09.2017) and awarded certificates on the victory in the category in which they participated.

Best Short Films

Anticipations - Mauro Walker

LOST IN… - Stephan Eigenmann

THE GREAT REVERT - Sherine Assem Ismail

Identification - Julia Deak

Recycle - Ana Cuadra

Polka Dott - Cynthia Pepper

Best Foreign Films

ORANGE - Hakan Ünal

The Mystery of Godliness: The Sequel - The Church of Almighty God

The writer - Pascal Adam

The Sun Behind You - Dominic Carlo P. Nuesa

Best Drama Films

Marriage - Katerina Philppou-Curtis

Best Experimental Films

Chronicles of Religious Persecution in China - The Church of Almighty

DADA on Vacation - Errkaa

Alchemy - Brandon Polanco

Story for an empty theatre - Aleksandr Balagura and Cesare Bedogne

Best Documentary Films


For the Love of God - Bejay Browne

The little wood near where I live - Robert Henno

Urine Aid - Steve Williams

Compatriot - Mahtab Soleimani

Best Animation Film

Agrinoui - Alexis Chaviaras

Best Music Video

Cinderella - Sophia Banks

Wanna Go - Dave McMahan

Escape - Francis So Kachun

The Hatters – Russian Style - Alina Pasok and Iliya Prusikin

Best Films about Swiss culture

Symptome - Antoine Bürcher

Best Screenplay

1st Place: The MacKenzie Breakout - Scott Simpson

2nd Place: Dr. Needmore - Lucy A. Fazely

3rd Place: The Murder of Lidia Walden - Leal Butler

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