Award Winners 2017

Best Short Films

Anticipations - Mauro Walker

LOST IN… - Stephan Eigenmann

THE GREAT REVERT - Sherine Assem Ismail

Identification - Julia Deak

Recycle - Ana Cuadra

Polka Dott - Cynthia Pepper

Best Foreign Films

ORANGE - Hakan Ünal

The Mystery of Godliness: The Sequel - The Church of Almighty God

The writer - Pascal Adam

The Sun Behind You - Dominic Carlo P. Nuesa

Best Drama Films

Marriage - Katerina Philppou-Curtis

Best Experimental Films

Chronicles of Religious Persecution in China - The Church of Almighty

DADA on Vacation - Errkaa

Alchemy - Brandon Polanco

Story for an empty theatre - Aleksandr Balagura and Cesare Bedogne

Best Documentary Films


For the Love of God - Bejay Browne

The little wood near where I live - Robert Henno

Urine Aid - Steve Williams

Compatriot - Mahtab Soleimani

Best Animation Film

Agrinoui - Alexis Chaviaras

Best Music Video

Cinderella - Sophia Banks

Wanna Go - Dave McMahan

Escape - Francis So Kachun

The Hatters – Russian Style - Alina Pasok and Iliya Prusikin

Best Films about Swiss culture

Symptome - Antoine Bürcher

Best Screenplay

1st Place: The MacKenzie Breakout - Scott Simpson

2nd Place: Dr. Needmore - Lucy A. Fazely

3rd Place: The Murder of Lidia Walden - Leal Butler

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