Award Winners 2020

Congratulations to all the Winners of the Switzerland International Film Festival.

Since there were films with the same ratings in the "Short Films" and "Documentary Films" categories, we decided to include both films in the list of winners.
We are very grateful to all viewers for their help in evaluating such great movie masterpieces.  It's a great honor for the Switzerland International Film Festival and for our team. We always say that we need to support each other in this difficult time for everyone.

All winners will be notified by mail on May 30-31, for awarding in the category in which they participated.

Best Short Films

If We Had Tomorrow - Anastasiya Yevchenko

PERSPECTIVE - Corinne Kassor

I can - Urozhaeva Ivetta

The Eye Of Tonlifornia - Ge Qianqian

Best Foreign Films

Crossing The Line - Hussain Ahmad

Imperfect World - Kyoichi KOMOTO

Night Watch - Allen Chiang

Best Drama Films

Black Heart, Red Hands - Russell Southam

DOWN - Rzn Torbey

Sea at Night - Kim Fabienne Hertinger

Best Experimental Films

BIG BANG - Wilson Burbano

Here - Chandni Srivastava

Everyone is welcome here / 歡迎 歡迎 - Ji Jun

Best Documentary Films

Amir Hetsroni | Case Study - Giuseppe Strenger

Calculated - an extreme athlete talks about risk and fear - Xenia Klaus

Enjoy The Moment - Famei Tang

The Girl Who Cannot Speak - Stefano Da Fre, Laura Pellegrini

Best Animation Film

The Outcast - Yuri Duncan

GROW - Fabien Valour

Tacit Blue - Wenkai Duan

Best Music Video

The Truth - Monika Peczeli, Zsolt Kelemen, Szabolcs Mate

Upside Down - Henry Nelson

Unfair Game - Andre Semenza

Best Films about Swiss culture

MI DI WORM no. 10 – Barbara Peikert

End of Remembrance? - Peter Scheiner

The Rebel Body - Shoghig Halajian, Johanna Breiding

Best Screenplay


2nd Place: Young Adolf - Thomas David Kehoe

3rd Place: Made In America - BK

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